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Container Flowers. Burpee recommends annual flowers that are perfect for growing in containers, pots, and hanging baskets.

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It seems like almost all of my clients right now are going with white cabinets in their kitchens. White cabinets are classic. If you do it correctly, your kitchen

Christine Skelmersdale gives some advice on choosing varieties for decorative containers

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It is possible to grow tomatoes in pots, but there are a few BEST TOMATO VARIETIES FOR CONTAINERS that are easy to grow, taste great and produce heavily. Check out!

Geraniums are a longtime favorite of Almanac gardeners. They are easy to grow, colorful, and many add a lovely scent to the home. Although, they are also an outdoor

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If you want to grow your own fruit but have limited space, try growing fruit trees in containers. Here are some recommendations on getting started.

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INTRODUCTION. Anyone interested in growing palms must have some familiarity with growing palms in containers. For a seedling to get large enough to be introduced into

Container vegetable gardening allows you to grow fresh vegetables almost anywhere. Here are specific tips on how to grow big yields in small spaces.

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Grow your own food without an allotment! You can harvest significant crops by growing veg in containers. It’s the perfect choice for balcony and patio gardens

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Growing vegetables in containers is an easy way to experience the flavor and freshness of home-grown vegetables. Here’s a little-known secret: Most vegetables

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