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7 Things (Real) Guys Want During Sex We know what women want (one word: Gosling), but what is your man dying for during sex, but is too shy to communicate?

Discover new places to touch him to make him go absolutely wild, and sex will be even more pleasurable for both of you

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As soon as you start having sex consistently, you begin developing your repertoire of sexual techniques—your go-to ways of making a woman moan, and keeping her

Jul 22, 2013 · Gone are the days when people thought women were inherently squeamish about sex. And good riddance. It’s so obvious, it seems silly to even say it, but w

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The Best Things to Say before, during, and after Sex The right words can turn her on, boost her confidence, and keep her coming back for more

Mar 08, 2012 · Sassy. I have used a moan to spend things along during boring sex, but if it’s amazing sex, I can’t stop myself from moaning out, even screaming.

After hot CFNM sex they get screwed in a gystyle position. Petite Emma Stoned First Time On Camera

Sex during your period doesn’t need to be gross. In fact, it can be hot. Here’s how to do it more maximum pleasure.

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We reached out to real guys to tell us the sexiest things women do in bed during super hot sex. Bonus: they’ll make you feel sexy as hell, too.

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Just going in for the kill. Guys, seriously, we’re like ovens, we take time to warm up y’know? 2. Bad, open-mouth, hard kissing with the tongue flailing like a