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Trek7 creates water-based, earth friendly fabric care products for fabric waterproofing,uv fabric protection,fabric cleaning. Aqua Armor,Ray Bloc,Active Wash

Seattle Fabrics carries products for waterproofing fabric like Nikwax.

Seattle Fabrics carries products for waterproofing fabric like Nikwax. No matter what your project is, Nikwax has a solution for you!

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$19.98 Canvas Waterproofing Products designed for all Canvas Material in Canvas Boat Covers, Marine Canvas, Canvas Tents, Awnings, umbrellas and more!

Give wood decks, roofs, and more protection while showcasing their natural beauty with BEHR’s DECKplus™ Transparent Waterproofing Wood Finish. Available in 3 colors.

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Waterproofing your tent An overview of products and techniques Note: This article is a compendium of stuff I’ve written on the subject over the years.

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How to Re-Waterproof Your Tent. TO REMOVE WATERPROOFING. Before you can apply new waterproofing you’ll need to remove the existing coating. Place your tent into a

First, let’s look at how waterproofness (or hydrostatic head) is measured. It is rated according to two tests and this is the same for all waterproof fabrics

For boots, coats, jackets, athletic footwear, leather, and maps.

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