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Heroes and Villains Entertainment is a production and management company specializing in content creation for Film, TV, Video Games, Comic Books, and New Media as

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The at-risk youth helped by CNN Hero Harry Grammer have a story to tell. Watch how they turn their words into song at his program’s recording studio in Los Angeles.

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This nonprofit honors Giraffe Heroes—compassionate risk-takers who are largely unknown, people who have the courage to stick their necks out for the common good, in

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Mar 12, 2007 · Video embedded · SUBSCRIBE – FACEBOOK – Season 9 – Season 8 – http

Overview. Rescue Heroes centers on a group of rescue personnel who aim to save lives around the globe from natural and man-made disasters, and emergency situations.

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Heroism, as we know it, is a term that defines someone who’s bigger, better and just downright more powerful than the regular humble man or woman. Thanks to fiction

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Charlize Theron Talks Action-Packed ‘Atomic Blonde’ ‘The Bachelorette’: Rachel Lindsay Talks Pressures ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 7 Premiere: Top Moments & What’s Next

B. Revise zoning to repurpose strip malls and other existing structures that are struggling to keep tenants and are run down.

Natural Heroes is an award-winning series seen on Public Television in the United States. Our mission is to celebrate independent filmmakers who turn their lens on

James B. Stewart’s 2002 piece on 9/11 hero Rick Rescorla. “From the World Trade Center, Rescorla said he was taking some of his security men and making a final sweep.