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Feb 20, 2007 · Advertising and media images that encourage teens to focus on looks and sexuality are harmful to their emotional and physical health, a new report by the

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Jiggle television is a term coined by NBC executive Paul Klein to criticize ABC’s television production and marketing strategy under Fred Silverman. Klein referred to

Scripts shape how African American women and others formulate beliefs and interactions regarding Black female sexuality; informed by socio-historical

New sex position ideas, advice from experts and other women, insight into the male mind, and more.

Daniels’ co-author, Eileen Zurbriggen of UC Santa Cruz, told The Times by email: “Numerous studies have shown that when women are depicted in sexualized ways

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Self-sexualization seems to be all the rage in teens these days, with new research saying it starts as early as age 6.

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Study casts light on conditions women endure in refugee camps as they attempt to reach northern Europe.

Fuck-me shoes, alternatively fuck-me boots, is a derisive [according to whom?] slang term for women’s high-heeled shoes that exaggerate a sexual image.

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Nearly a third of teens’ clothing is sexualized, a new study finds, which bodes badly for teens’ mental and sexual health.

May 07, 2007 · Herbert Samuels, a sex educator and professor at LaGuardia Community College in New York, and Mireille Miller-, a womens studies professor at UC Santa