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The I-74 corridor provides a vital link between Iowa and Illinois, and an important gateway to the Quad Cities region. Growing population and employment over the past several decades has led to increasing traffic volumes. The current configuration of roadways and bridges along I-74 does not provide consistent travel times along this major transportation corridor. Traffic incidents and maintenance activities on the narrow Mississippi River bridges impede traffic flow. Therefore, improvements to the I-74 corridor are needed to enhance the movement of persons and goods between Iowa and Illinois, and serve the transportation needs for continued economic development in the Quad Cities region.

That’s why the Iowa Department of Transportation and Illinois Department of Transportation have joined forces with other agencies and local officials for the I-74 Iowa-Illinois Corridor Study. This project has examined a wide range of alternatives designed to improve traffic flow and mobility in the project area, which extends from Avenue of the Cities in Moline, IL, to 53rd Street in Davenport, IA.

This project is evaluating transportation problems and will recommend solutions to improve traffic flow, respect the environment, and complement community goals and plans. A solution for the I-74 corridor will be achieved by working collectively and communicating with all concerned parties. The Iowa and Illinois Departments of Transportation are working closely with a committe composed of transportation and community officials. Communication with all interested parties is important to the project’s success, and has been maintained through a series of public hearings to present the findings in the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS), public information meetings, small group meetings, and a speakers bureau. In addition, up-to-date project information will be available in regular newsletters and on this Web site.